Room 23
Luzerne County Courthouse
200 North River Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711-1001
Fax: 570-822-8210
Telephone: 570-822-6712


Officers for the Year 2014

President - Elaine Cook, Esquire. Vice-President - Hon. Joseph J. Van Jura. Secretary - Treasurer - Joseph P. J. Burke III, Esquire

2014 Officers

Photo: From left to right are Atty. Conrad A. Falvello, Judge Van Jura (Vice President), Frank W. Nocito, Atty. Elaine Cook (President), Atty. Arthur L. Piccone (Chairperson of the Nominating Committee), Atty. Joseph F. Saporito Jr. (Immediate Past President), Atty. Caelie McCormick Sweigart, Atty. Larry S. Keiser, and Atty. Joseph P.J. Burke III (Secretary- Treasurer).

Voting Members of the Executive Committee
Conrad A. Falvello, Esquire
Larry S. Keiser, Esquire
Megan Michael, Esquire
Frank W. Nocito, Esquire
Caelie McCormick Sweigart, Esquire

Other Non-Voting Members
President Judge Thomas F. Burke Jr.
Joseph F. Saporito Jr., Esquire
Maureen K. Collins, Esquire
Lewis J. Bott, Esquire
Arthur L. Piccone, Esquire
Dean Loren D. Prescott, Jr.

Lay Advisory Board Members
Marc E. Eble
Dr. Steven Kafrissen
Lori Nocito
Patricia McCarthy Last
Irene Ziegler

To contact any of the Officers or the Executive Committee, write to that person or body at c/o the Secretary, W-BLLA, Room 23, Luzerne County Courthouse, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711.

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