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The Wilkes-Barre Law and Library Association founded and incorporated the Luzerne County Bar Association Charitable Foundation, Inc. in October 2003 with the intent to promote the Wilkes-Barre Law and Library Association and the image of the Luzerne County Lawyers.

The Luzerne County Bar Association Charitable Foundation will support charitable and humanitarian projects throughout Luzerne County, Pennsylvania to provide support for law related projects, publications and education.

The Foundation will enhance the public's understanding and appreciation of the legal system in Luzerne County, ensure access to legal information and representation to all members of the Luzerne County community and foster good relations between members of the Bar, Judiciary and the public. The Foundation vows to do this among its other activities in furtherance of its charitable mission.

With Your Kindness...

Your donation can be made in honor of a loved one who has passed, someone who has reached a milestone in life, a wedding, graduation, a new practice, or you may make a donation to the Foundation as part of an estate plan.

With your kind and generous contributions, the Luzerne County Bar Association will make a donation to a non-profit organization annually. With this, the association hopes to better the community as well as enhance the image of the Luzerne County Lawyers.

All donations will be acknowledged to the donor and to the donee or donee's family. The amount of the donation will not be listed. Also, the donor will receive a tax deductible statement for his or her Income Tax Return, as donations to the Foundation are generally tax deductible.

With this year's generous donations from contributors like you, the Foundation was able to assist the following extremely valuable charities of our community with grant donations:

Charities Selected for the 2012 Year



Charities are listed in alphabetical order.

The Foundation Board is elected for a two-year term.

Current Officers:

Sheila L. Saidman, Esq. President

Joseph F. Saporito, Esq. Vice President.

Joseph P. J. Burke III, Esq. Secretary-Treasurer

Board of Directors:

William F. Anzalone, Esq.

Joseph P. J. Burke III, Esq.

Matthew J. Carmody, Esq.

John P. Rodgers, Esq.

Sheila L. Saidman, Esq.

Joseph F. Saporito Jr., Esq.

Robert D. Schaub, Esq.

The Time to Begin...
There is never a better time than now to donate to the Luzerne County Bar Association. Your donation will benefit many; you, the lawyers and of course, the charities that the Association donates to. Please download the donation form and mail it to the Foundation.

Foundation Submission Process for Charities for a Consideration of a 2013 Donation
If your charity is an area charity of Luzerne County or is a charity with a connection to the Luzerne County community and is a registered 501 (c) non-profit corporation, and would like to be considered for an award in the 2013 year, please download the Chairty Donation Grant Application Form and mail it to the Foundation. The form must be received by the Secretary to Foundation no later than March 15th 2013.

Timetable of Awards
The Foundation will review all charitable requests received from March 15 th of the previous year up to and including March 15th of the award year. All requests received on or before March 15, 2013 shall be reviewed by the Foundation Board. The charities selected by the Board as recipients for the 2013 year will then be presented with an award later in the year.

Maysie Bicycle Awards

Due to budgetary constraints of the W-BLLA, the annual donation to the Foundation for the Maysie Bicycle fund has been discontinued indefinitely. Since the Foundation has not received any other monies to support this program, the program has been discontinued with prejudice.


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